Tired Friday

Mom’s in migraine-mode. She’s better today than yesterday, but we’re doing pretty much nothing… No fun pictures or stories to tell, so here are a few more knitting projects. Two baby bibs – the brown one is cotton (eating bib) and the dark turqouise is a drooling bib (wool).
There’s supposed to be a stegosaurus on this one, but Mom wasn’t too happy with how the pattern turned out. You can see it makes Virus cranky, too!
Hope you all have great weekends!


10 thoughts on “Tired Friday

  1. Migranes are very bad. Momma says she had them when she was younger and then just kind of stopped happening when she got old (um, I mean older – like 35 years).Good time for healing snuggles.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Hi, Bajas!Migraines are not fun! My used to have them too!We call those bibs “baberos”. They are beautiful!Have a nice day!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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