Picture overload on a Thursday

So, Mom PASSED her test – meaning her essay will be graded as her “exam” for that course. We took a serious hike to celebrate. We’re trying to find the lake I’ve shown you before, Sognsvann, and we believe it to be somewhere behind the first hill you see in this picture.

Another city view..

It’s a leetle bit steep at times..

Plenty of little streams for me to have a drink!Don’t forget me, Mom! I’m coming!

Blueberry flowering! The little, round, red flowers will be replaced by blue berries by fall!
It was really quite easy to find the way. Here we’ve two standard colours marking paths – the red ones are for ski tracks and the pale blue for summer trails (avoiding lakes, marshlands etc that will be frozen in winter so you can ski on top).

I even found some snow for Khyra!

Here I cooooome!

We mostly followed the “winter” path. It’s a rather wide gravel road and no problem to use in summer. But once we followed the summer trail – see the light blue on the tree trunks? That’s telling us where to go – it was no trouble following the trail at all.
Then we got back out on the big road again.
We really did find the lake! And I got to come along visiting Veronika – but one of her room mates are allergic so I spent most of the time on the veranda.

Almost home, around 9.30PM! Still nice and a little sun left, but you can see the dark clouds appearing in the distance. Tomorrow will be gray..

Hope you’ve all had great Wednesdays!

Big kisses,

9 thoughts on “Picture overload on a Thursday

  1. Bajas,You live in such a pretty place. The water in the stream looks so yummy!What great adventures you have.Slobbers,Mango

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