Pretty as a picture

Frognerseteren 9.mai 09

Now isn’t that a pretty decent view? On Saturday Mom brought me to the highest point the subway can take us. This is the view towards the city from the subway station.
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
…and in the other direction there’s nothing but forests. From here you can go for miles in real wilderness either in summer or on skis during the winter.
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
This is the subway station. Isn’t it pretty cute?
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
Uh oh.. do we really have to go all back up again afterwards? Sigh..
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09

Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
..and down this steep, rocky path..
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
Mom let me off leash since she needed her arms for balance. BOL! It’s not allowed after April 1st and during summer – while the animals have young. Mom really do respect it, but since she knows I’m not going to go hunting no deer she thought it was fine for a little while.
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
Pug coming through!
Frognerseteren 9.mai 09
You coming or what?

After this Mom put the camera away. We walked for about an hour – the last 30 minutes was all up hill.. Mom was panting like I pug. I swear!

So some good and some funny news: Mom passed her grammar (did we tell you allready) as expected, really, and she also passed her British Civilisation essay on the first attempt. She was very happy. It is possible to pass when handing it in the first time, but generally you need to revise it. So she was very pleased! And can put all her effort into reading philosophy and ethics for her first exam tomorrow! Yikes!

So the funny: Mom was at the dentist today and spent a fortune – she also came back out looking like a stroke patient after they sedated half her face. BOL! She had a yoghurt for breakfast drinking it through a straw. BOLBOL!
Hopefully, by lunch, she’ll be able to chew without hurting herself! 😉

Bajas out!

11 thoughts on “Pretty as a picture

  1. Congratulations to your mom!What a lovely hike you had, Bajas! We would have loved to join you!Mom says she totally understands about dentists and their proceedures! They are not fun and much too costly! We hope your mom is able to eat her yogurt with a spoon for breakie today!Love ya lots,Maggie and Mitch

  2. It looks like your walk was on top of the world! What a beautiful place. It must be great for you and your mum getting out to walk in new places. Concatulations to your mum on her good results so far, and we wish her lots of luck on her next exams! We also hope she is feeling much better. The dentist can be rough!

  3. Your mom must be a good studyer, huh?Huffing like a pug, you say? But you look like you could have just kept going. You are super pug!Slobbers,Mango

  4. Congrats to your mom! That is one less thing she has to worry about. That is such a beautiful area, around you. We are glad you had a good walk. Now time to study. I’d help, but I don’t know any philosophy!Roxy

  5. Woowoowooooo dear Bajas!!!!What a great walk with your mommy!!!!you look on the top of the world!!!!Congrats to your mum on her good results and we wish her lots of luck on her next exams!!!!!!!Sure she’ll be great as always!!!! And We hope she is feeling much better after her visit to the dentist!!!!!Have a wonderful week dear friends!!!Lots of love and kisses!!!!

  6. You had a pawesome hike, Bajas!I’d be panting too!Congratulations to your Mom! Good job!I hope she feels better now!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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