Finally Friday

Yay folks – it’s almost the weekend! Mom will be working, though, but hopefully we’ll squeeze in some cuddling and walking!

Yesterday Mom and I celebrated the completion of assignments by taking the bus somewhere and walking all the way back home!

It rained almost all day yesterday – but the sun came out eventually. In time for my walk! But you can see we found some puddles.. LOL!

We walked down the river this time, from the same spot I showed you when I told you about my buss card.
We met an Irish Terrier. He didn’t have an Irish accent as far as I could tell. Mom grew up having these guys and we hardly ever see any of them. She saw one at the dog show, though, but other than that there are years between seeing any.

We’re approaching the city again – don’t you think those offices have a great view?

Pretty, pretty water.
It goes running into that building!
These paths are generally easy to follow with signs and everything.
While Mom is taking all the pictures – I do my pee-mails.
I hoped you enjoyed tagging along for my walkie!



11 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. hi Bajas! you live in a really nice and beautiful place! i love how the city and nature are so close, and the weather, even though its cold, you can actually go on real walks! i cant do that here, i start panting too soon.

  2. I like going on your walkies with you. From the looks of that river, maybe there used to be a mill or factory there.Slobbers,Mango

  3. your walkies are so fun to share! you are so lucky to be able to ride the bus and other public transport with your family. puggys do not get to ride on public transport here. maybe if we could take our puppy pals on the bus, more people would use them!hugs,puglette:o)

  4. Those offices definitely have a great view! I sure don’t see anything like that around here and the view out Mom’s office window is nothing like that.

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