Wordy Wednesday

Here’s my exciting news:
So what is this? It’s my very own BUS CARD! Well.. not only for buses, really, but all public transport within the city. Since Mom and PA won’t be going up by the lake for a while because of all their exams she had the brilliant idea (she’s got her moments, I suppose) that we should enjoy more of the city. And by city we don’t really mean city – we mean the green stuff. We have a nice city with plenty of parks and – even better – surrounded by forest. Unfortunately all dogs have to pay on public transport within the city – even little ones like me – so we have usually stayed around where we live. Now we can go everywhere! Yay! We can also take a bus somewhere and walk back home or walk wherever we feel like and just find a tram or subway to get back home if we get tired.

Here are some pix from our first trip using my very own BUS CARD! Yay!

We hop off a bus – and see this.. Not bad, huh?

I approve of the grass!

Flowers, too!

This funny looking building was the last one we saw for a while.

Pretty, pretty. This is the same river we walk by down where we live. We’re just further up.

Plenty of water, allright! This river run from the lake we get our drinking water from.

A few joggers and a few dogs – and plenty of calm!

I didn’t need a drink – but at least the water was calmer here, so it was possible!

A little rocky patch..

Then we got all the way up to the lake! Nice, huh? It’s all fenced in, however, being drinking water and all. Then we walked back down on the other side of the river!

Since this I’ve also walked around the lake Sognsvann again – that I showed you just over a week ago. And I’ve been going with Mom more than I otherwise would as it doesn’t cost money to bring me on public transport. I love my card. Yay!


13 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. You have your own bus card? That is sooooo cool. We are not allowed on the buses here 😦 Only the “working” dogs are.Big licks to youSuzukixxx

  2. What a lucky pug you are! Now you can really get around. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks very beautiful where you live.

  3. BajasTha is sooo cool!You awe so lucky to have that pass and be able to go to all those glowious places. i hope you go often, now that the papews have been tuwned in!Congwatulations to youw Momsmoochie kissesASTA

  4. Your Norway is sooo beautiful, the fiords and lake and mountains and hills- all of it. We enjoy your walks! What pretty little yellow butter cups. We have them also. How great Bajas has his own card!Wow!thank you again for sharring the beauty of your home. We love Norway toolovetweedles

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