One happy WriggleButtMom here. I’ve gotten my philosophy essay up to almost maximum length – meaning I’ll have something to cut away when reviewing it on Thursday. I intend to let it rest until then. The grade on this thing isn’t important, all I have to do is pass it. So I’ll be working on my NHS essay tomorrow. And for the rest of today I’ll do some of my other stuff and let my brain have a rest before I cook it completely. Later today I’ll go se Les Miserables with my sister and dad, so I really will have a change of scenery. Lovely!

And since I’m sure you were hoping for something more fun than this I’ll share some pix, too.

The little note says “help me!!” This bear was in the fridge behind the counter in the Burger King restaurant Virus and I spent hours in after the show in Bergen last fall. I’ve got no shame, so I took a picture with my phone.

And an even better one:
Sweet, sweet bored Bajas. Now who can resist that silly face? I sure can’t. (He got a second dinner last night. Couldn’t let the poor guy starve, now could I?)

Hope you’re all doing GREAT! We’ll be back on track soon. Bajas have exciting news and all.


10 thoughts on “Yahoo!

  1. SECOND dinner? Dude…I’m grabbing my Pugport and hopping a flight to YOUR house!As you can clearly see…I am wasting away to just fur and bones over here!!!! We like the bear in the fridge and totally would have taken a pic too!Happy Tuesday!Love,Salinger

  2. Two dinners, wow, are you lucky. We are glad your mom is letting her brain rest from the essay, that always helps. Enjoy Les Mis. Mom saw it eons ago.Roxy

  3. Bajas That pictoowe of you is iwwesistable fow suwe! And poow beaw..did anyone wescoo him?I’m suwe youw Mom will pass wif no pwoblem. Mommi loved Les Misewables when she saw it I hope youws does too.What’s the news????I can’t stand it.smoochie kissesASTA

  4. Is that bear for eating? Bajas, you are just the most cutest ever.I read about your Wednesday walkie. Sure glad you didn’t try to drink out of the wild water. Much too dangerous for a little chap such as yourself.Slobbers,Mango

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