This morning I was SOO ready to go when Mom got up. Belly rubs, please?
Mom packed up the cooler. It’s got plenty of space so she packed up all her school stuff in it, too.
Umbrella – to keep cooler and pug.. uh.. well.. cool.
See? There was shade available, too, but I liked it under my umbrella!
Today we were meeting up with several of Mom’s friends down at the campus. So I didn’t only help Mom, I helped LOTS of peoples. And there were foodables and water and attention and all sorts of nice things. Anything a puggie enjoys. Now I’ll snore for a while to prepare for more work in the morning.


Studyday Saturday

Because Monday is a public holiday and Mom doesn’t have access at school on Sundays and stuff (she’s supposed to, but something didn’t work right and since she doesn’t usually study during the weekends she hasn’t bothered fixing it) she’s brought all her books back home. Here she’s been preparing for a study Saturday.
I help with encouraging snores!
I also help her play Mario Kart Wii when she’s taking a break.

I also have some pictures to share from Thursday. We had a visitator! A sleep over party!
Isn’t she a cutie? She spent the night on the couch with me. She was even clever enough to bring a bribe! It was a pig’s tail and it tasted just yummy.
She told Mom that every time she’d turned her back on me I’d paw on her back to make her turn back around. BOL.. Who says pugs are not smart? Huh? She was in town for a job interview so I sure hope she gets it and will come visit me again.

Hope you’re having great Saturdays. It’s HOT here today. By our standards anyways.
Kisses from Bajas.

Airborne Virus

Sorry we’ve been a bit absent.. Busy busy… On Wednesday Morning Mom and Virus went away and only Mom came back home.

Virus on the Airport Express Train.

After arriving at the airport they went to the cargo building…

Virus got locked up for good…
Then he apparently went on one of these!
…and off to his date with V√•fflan!

Hope you all have a great FRIDAY! Mom’s got her two last exams early next week so she’ll be reading more or less none stop, but at least she’ll be here home with me!


Manic Monday!

I’ve got a favor to ask of you! Tomorrow is Mom’s grammar exam. Since we’re way ahead of most of you, you can just cross your fingers when you go to bed tonight and hopefully she’ll do allright. Being her mentor and assistant I do feel responsible for her achievements. At least now I know the do in the previous sentence is a grammatical auxiliary used to create the emphatic affirmative.

So to the fun part – a few pictures from Saturday!

After getting off the train Auntie took me for a run. Yay!

All that excitement and Grandpa’s arrival made me very happy, as you can clearly see from my expression.

Now this is a real Paparazzi! Grandpa took his photography seriously. As always.

You see the paparazzi in this picture, too, but more importantly you can see ME helping G.Grandma in the kitchen.

Oh – and here you can see the human pup actually wearing the bib Mom knitted. Neat – that means she occasionally does something useful.

Have great Mondays everyone!


Tired Friday

Mom’s in migraine-mode. She’s better today than yesterday, but we’re doing pretty much nothing… No fun pictures or stories to tell, so here are a few more knitting projects. Two baby bibs – the brown one is cotton (eating bib) and the dark turqouise is a drooling bib (wool).
There’s supposed to be a stegosaurus on this one, but Mom wasn’t too happy with how the pattern turned out. You can see it makes Virus cranky, too!
Hope you all have great weekends!


Something old

Mom got this from Grandpa a while back.. It used to be in the bathroom of Grandma and Grandpa’s house. One blue (Aunties) and this one – with their tootbrushes in. Can you see it’s Jiminy Cricket? (Mom didn’t notice until now..) It’s a bit old and worn and his eyes had fallen off ages ago.

Mom went out and got a whole load of eyes!
Don’t you think he looks much better now?