Our Sunday Walk

Yesterday Mom and I went for a nice walk around the little lake Sognsvann. Only 3 min walk from the subway station this is waht we find:

It’s really nice spring weather!
Some ducks and birdies were out and swimming where the water was appearing under the ice.
We trotted along here!
This tree was almost entirely gone -it smelled funny, though.
View towards the lake.
I went into a small river that ran into the lake.
Nice to have a drink right from the source!
There are lots of paths in the area, but we stuck to the round around the lake.
I drank from the lake, too! Tee hee.. I’ve gotten a taste for the fresh water in my more mature age.
These ants have a town that’s bigger than me – even if the ants themselves are tiny compared to me!
Birdies on the ice.
Mom and I went down here – and Mom ate her apple!
A very rude child came and told my Mom to leave because she and her family wanted to sit there and eat. Mom said she we wouldn’t go until we were done. They eventally came down anyway (fine with us), and one of the children was shireking in a panick because I was there even though I was just sitting by myself watching the duckies. The ironic part is that when we walked on there was NO ONE on any of the other tables – and we passed between 7 and 10 in the next 10 minutes.. BOL..

This Basenji came up and talked with me. It was nice enough – but you know my Mom don’t like people letting their dogs run up to strangers without asking. 😉

Have a great Monday, furiends!

9 thoughts on “Our Sunday Walk

  1. We’re glad that you and your mum didn’t let the child bully you. What a silly thing to say. The little flowers are very pretty. And what neat ducks! They are very tough with their little feet on the ice.

  2. Such a bad child and why couldn’t it see what a nice doggie you are? The lake water looks very refreshing, but I was a little scared by that ant mansion.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Hello!What an hilarious name for a blog 😀 I myself have a pug and have thanks to you collected the perfect nickname for my Stevie! ;DYou can visist his website at thisismydogcat.blogspot.com

  4. Well, what a rude child. We are glad your mom did not leave and we are sorry that one of the children shrieked at you. What horrible manners.That looked like a very nice area. Do you swim, Bajas?Roxy

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