Showy Saturday part II

Attempt at photographing the entire hall.

Puppy, puppy!
The fawn invasion. BOL!
Tove stealing puppy kisses.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Mom really love these – almost like a black pug – someone has just uncurled the tail and pulled the nose back out.
Australian Shepards. No sheep, though.
Siberian Huskies.
Great Dane. We loved the use of x-pens!
More Great Danes – and Chinese Cresteds in the background.
Chow Chow
Staffie puppy!
I LOVE puppies! (Notice my cool collar?)
And with the last pic of the staffie puppy I’ll wish you all a great Sunday!

Showdog Xtraordinaire.

7 thoughts on “Showy Saturday part II

  1. Hi what a cool looking collar! And we loved all the pics of your walk that you and your mama went onin beautiful Norway!! You are such a beautiful pug , and all those doggies at the show were beautiful, too. Sweet pic of Tove getting puggy kisses, Thank you for sharring with us.lovetweedles

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