Prep night

Hi guys! I am a little bit excited tonight. Mom is packing stuff and I’m.. well… I’m chomping at my BamBam. But hey – that’s what Moms are for, right?

Mom is a little excited, too! Because her new sewing machine arrived today. She carried it all the way from the post office. Which isn’t too far – but it was big and heavy enough after those 5-10 minutes.

She also sort of finished what was supposed to be a bed for Virus, but let’s say making up pattern as you go along sometimes doesn’t quite work out. Sometimes it would be better to actually have a pattern šŸ˜‰

I also wanted to show what Mom’s bought for me – my very own tent!It’s a collapsible, fabric crate. So I’ll have somewhere to relax at the show that doesn’t take up so much space at home and isn’t too heavy to carry. I have a collapsible metal crate – but it weighs about as much as me according to Mom. BOL!
It’s got a little padded flooring and plenty of ventilation!
I’ll give it my seal of approval.
Virus came for a visit, too!

It’s been smelling a bit like a new tent – very plasticy – so we’ve had it up since Sunday hoping it would air out a bit. I don’t think it’s gonna bug me, though. So Mom doesn’t really need to worry.

She found the whippet clip to hold our number. I’m sure nobody cares it’s the wrong breed. She has so far not found the lovely, braided kangaroo leather show lead sweet Linda made and sent from Australia, though. She knows it’s here somewhere… But living in such a small space we have LOTS of boxes with stuff to get things out of the way. And all the other show leads are at grandma’s place. Mom called auntie Tove, though, after going to the store where they were either sold out or only had red, blue or beige leads (I’m neither of these colours unless Mom is painting and I’m helping). She said she’d head up into the attic to find one. I’ll be dog number 8 in the ring tomorrow morning (if all show) and we don’t want to need running by the vendor booths to look for a lead.

Here’s a picture of the lead, though! Isn’t Linda talented!?

Big kisses, Bajas

Edit: It’s Saturday morning and we’ll be leaving soon! We look forwards to talking with lots of people and dogs and take loads of pictures. If Mom doesn’t get too distracted. BOL!


10 thoughts on “Prep night

  1. Congrats with the new sewingmachine! It looks quite fancy ;)Does it have any fancy patterns? Fenriz is holding his paws crossed for Baj tomorrow.Hugs

  2. hi bajas!oh how exciting!i do not know how any of you are going to sleep tonight betwwen the new sewing machine and the show!we love the tent and the leash!we are so glad you got the new print. enjoy!!!!:) m & e

  3. Now isn’t Fen a good boy. I really need to come up and cuddle him soon.. Can you believe I had a hard time remembering who used to go to shows with me apart from Tove? You’ve been too far away too long ;)And it’s got 30 patterns.. some fancier than others.. Certainly all I need and then some. Stil I managed to break TWO needles finishing up Virus’ not-too-nice bed. HUGS

  4. What a nice tent! Looks safe and comfortable. We wish you lots of luck and fun at the show. Can’t wait to hear about it. And then when you come back you can sew!We have a relative somewheres in Norway and her name is Tove also, but we do not know her.Good luck lovetweedles

  5. Hi, Bajas!Your mom’s new sewing machine is pawesome! And your tent too!I am sure you are going to have a great time!Have funKisses and hugsLorenza

  6. Have a super fun time at the show! It sounds like it will be a wonderful time:) Your mum’s sewing machine looks very fancy. We know what you mean about the weight though! Your tent looks similar to our carrier. We like ours a lot, and hope that you like yours, too:)

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