Feeling showy?

Mom said we’re gonna go do something fun on Saturday! We’re going to a dog show! I tried to make Mom find some pictures of us showing.. but she did not do too well…

I’m sure you can see where I am – all the other pugs in the ring are fawn. 😉

This is from my very first show. I’m just a puppy and I was Best of Breed. Now let’s not get into me being the only pug.

I used to be able to stand pretty nicely on a table. We have not gotten around to any practice so we’ll not worry too much about our performance.

So don’t forget to cross your fingers for me when you go to bed on Friday. Not that we’re expecting much just keep them crossed to prevent Mom doing something all wrong. We just want to go out and have some fun. We know the judge, and one of my aunties will come along. We’ll meet lots of doggies and hopefully I’ll get plenty of treats!



10 thoughts on “Feeling showy?

  1. Enjoy your show, Ane and Bajas! A dog show sounds like lots of fun!:) We think it is very cool that you won a best of breed certificate. Even if there were a million pugs there, we would give it to you, because you have such a sweet face:)

  2. Hi, Bajas!I am sure you and your mom are going to do a pawesome job!I will have everything crossed for you… even my eyes!Have fun!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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