Grammatical Tuesday!

Hi guys! Thanks for complimenting my Eeyore – I’ve always loved my stuffies pretty big. And to the kitties – Virus loves chasing his tail, so he really work for any size! And if you didn’t notice there’s a ribbon attaching Eeyores tail – so even if I take it off it can be put right back again. It’s just attached by velcro, you see – since Eeyore always looses his tail. BOL!

Virus got to go outside, too!

In his new bling bling harness from Ikea.

He even spied on Eeyore and I.
But when something noisy came by up on the road he quickly found the door.

Oh – and for Mom’s shopping yesterday came out pretty well!
– 3kg canned foods for Virus (with all meat and none of that stupid grain stuff, that’s no good for kitties)
– 2,5kg canned food for me (Mom said when she’s carefull giving Virus some moist food since all dehydrated food can be hard on the system, kidneys and stuff.. that I should have some, too! Not a bad idea, I think. Mine has some grains and stuff, but at least I can handle a little veg better than a cat)
– cat litter that’s not sand (we’ve just added a little to his regular sand for now)
– a mat to have in front of the litterbox to catch some of the sand Virus spread leaping out of there
– cat stick’s for Virus
– Friskies Dental Fresh thingies for me (are you suggesting something, Mom? HUH?)
– BucaDog/BucaCat enzymatic paste for our teethies
– pink poop bags used when cleaning out the litterbox (no way she’ll carry my poop in pink bags!)
– some drops that’s good for skin/furs and that apparently have helped several Devon Rex kitties grow their furs in faster

She even got a few things for herself!

Now she’s going to sit down with her second obligatory grammar assignment. Don’t you all envy her? At least we’ve convinced her to stay at home today so we can HELP! We’re so helpful.


7 thoughts on “Grammatical Tuesday!

  1. BajasI love youw EEyowe., and it’s so nice that Virus can go get some fwesh aiw and stay safe in that pwetty hawness. I know you will be a big help wif the gwammawsmoochie kissesASTa

  2. Looks like everything was going well until that scary noise, right?Your mom got lots of things for you all!Pink poop bags?? I’d love them. Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. I was referring to the cute Eeyore stuffed toy you made. I wondered if you bought the pattern or if you designed it yourself.Thanks!Stella

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