Eeyore and I

This is me and my Eeyore stuffie. He lives up by the lake – I got him from PA for Christmas! Yesterday Mom let me take him outside to relax in the sun!

He has such a cute little tail!And if you pull it – it comes off!

Now we’re back home. And today Mom is going to Sweden for some shopping. I hope she’ll bring me something yummy!

Hope you all have great Mondays!

11 thoughts on “Eeyore and I

  1. If we were pugs, we’d want an Eeyore just like that! I think we might be a bit too small for one, as kitty cats.Virus, we love love love the photos of you from yesterday!

  2. Hope your mom has fun in Sweden. Mom was worried about you chewing that stuffie, because she saw this black tail. Then she realized it was the stuffies tail. Silly mom. Like you would chew your own tail.Roxy

  3. Sweden, huh? That’s a whole nother country, right? I’m liking your new stuffie. Wonder if his head comes off.Slobbers,Mango

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