Easter Walkie

Mom and I took a nice long walk before she’s going off to work and I just had to share some pix. And videos.

Første påskedag 09
Lots of water in the river!

Første påskedag 09
Flowers are popping up!

Første påskedag 09
I’ve never met this guy before!

Første påskedag 09
Here’s one of his lizard friends!

Første påskedag 09
We found a new park!

Første påskedag 09
Wonder what’s up there?

Let’s go find out!
This little guy sang for us!

7 thoughts on “Easter Walkie

  1. I can’t believe you ran up all those stairs! You must be in great shape. We like to hear the birdies too. It means it might actually be spring.Slobbers,Mango

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