Virus Vednesday

This weeks Virus Vednesday edition is all about silly pix.

See how the blurryness makes it look like I have one small and one larg eye?
Both my eyes are like this – but I have one on each side of my face.
Uh-oh.. something’s up!
Sometimes the bright sunlight make you squint. I hope it makes me look a bit serious, and not just silly.


Pee Ess: We’ve been having trouble commenting on your blogs today. Anyone else having this problem? 😦 (The blogs load just fine, but not the comment-page)

9 thoughts on “Virus Vednesday

  1. Hi, Virus!You don’t look silly… you look mad in those pictures! Did you have your meal before that photoshot??Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. virussI think you look like a deep thinkew, and a vewy handsome one at that. you have bootiful eyes..bof of themsmoochie kissesASTA

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