Sunday Secrets

I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering why there are so few pictures of my pretty self lately. This is why:

It’s winter. It’s chilly. I’ve gone into hiding.

So – this is a picture of me:
I’m just underneath a blanket.. and according to mom these are not the bestest pictures of me. Hahum… Mom and I are waiting or Auntie to call and say she’s on her way, then we’re heading off to this nice park for a walkie. The promised sun is threatening to hide behind wet clouds (did you know the Norwegian word for cloud is SKY. BOL!) and there might be rain today, but we’re going never the less. And promise pictures!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Secrets

  1. Hi, Bajas!Yes, I was wondering why! Now I know!I do the same when its cold here! All the time under my blankies!I hope you can go to that park and have lots of fun!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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