Bajas explains

I used to have an illustrated glossary on my old website.. I thought I’d post some of it here, to enlighten you all.

Stuffie:Object stuffed (hence the name) with delicious, white fluff. Used for chewing, cuddling or destroying. (Or a combination of the three)

Someone acting weird. Like my Mom pretending I actually did this.

Torture instrument invented by and frequently used by humans. Avoid at all costs! (Sad expression obligatory when forced into one.)

Double bed.

One bed on top of another bed. Extra comfy!

I hope you all learnt a thing or two.

13 thoughts on “Bajas explains

  1. Thank you so much for your useful vocabulary lesson. I am shocked at that obviously retouched photo. Surely a dignified dude such as yourself would never act cracker dog like that.Slobbers,Mango

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