English Grammar

One of Mom’s courses this semester is English Grammar. She’s chosen it all by herself – well – it’s one of her obligatory courses, but she’s not due to have it for another year or so. But since she’s having two different kinds of topics for major/minor she’s at risk of having courses (or exam dates) collide and wanted to be a bit ahead.

Mom is getting a leeetle bit cross-eyed reading the grammar. She does not seem to be very happy at all. I’m sleeping my deepest sleep, making little sleepy squeeky noises (the humans totally love them! Gets you extra kisses for sure!) showing her how much she could enjoy herself if she’d just put that stupid book down.

Do you feel sneeepy? Mom sure does! I’m sure I’ll make her put that book away soon!


11 thoughts on “English Grammar

  1. Oh Virus! You are gorgeous! You look like you’re having a wonderful sleep.English is supposed to be our first language, and we slip up all the time. Grammer is tricky! It is a good idea of your mum’s to get ahead for her studies.

  2. Unless your mom is using some sort of ghost writer, her English grammar is terrific.We’ve been watching a TV show called the Wire and now my mom is speaking eubonics (what’s up, yo). How embarassing.I, like, Khyra am curious as to whether you are studying Enlish or American. If you like, I could totally give you lessons on the American, yo.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Hi my new friends, Thank you for coming over to my new little bloggy site to visit! You made my day (or evening) I love your photo’s so much, and you look like you can be so much fun to play with! I want to wish you luck in your grammer classes, what a big task. My mommies heritage is from Norway- and I saw your address of Norway? She told me stories of how people came on boats to America. Good I was not born at that time, as I do not like to swim. I am wishing you a good day- and thank you again for saying hello and looking at me,here’s some hugs and pug kisses.

  4. VirusYou awe giving a pawfect example..gwammaw is tewwibly hawd and confoosing..I don’t think Mommi evew leawned it.you and Bajas just kiss youw Mom and she’ll get sneepy and comfysmoochie kissesASTApee ess thank you fow youw good wishes

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