I am a firm believer in support – especially support of your chin while resting. It’s important both when you’re sitting, lying down – or something in between.
I take my rest very seriously.
Some (less intelligent) humans will sometimes find this amusing. It’s merely their lack of understanding, so I just ignore them.
Like I said.. They’re of a lesser race, but they do make great pets so I love my humans anyways.

Sleepy kisses,

11 thoughts on “Support

  1. Dear Bajas *sighs with tummy butterflies looking at your picture* – you are SO RIGHT! I like fur mommy to put down everything she is doing so her arm can be free for my chinny rest. Chinny rests are a critical part of the daily needs of us puggies, don’t you agree cutey?xxoooAnnieBelly

  2. hi bajas, you are so right, proper support is important. i mean, really, what are you supposed to do? just let your head flop about?hugs,puglette:o)

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