Healing wibes for Fenris, please?

This September Fenris got back pains – loads of money to the vet’s didn’t provide anything other than “He’s in pain, but we can’t find the source.” After a round of pain killers he just got back to his old self. A few hours before I was heading home today he started shivering and apparently his back pain has returned. Thankfully Lene had more of the painkillers and I checked with her just now when I got back home – he’s feeling better.

But would you all send him some healing vibes? Hopefully he’ll be allright after another round of the medication – but it’s obviously something wrong in there…He relaxed under the chair most of the day until I was leaving – but Auntie packing her bags got him out of there and insisting he was feeling well enough to come along. He knew something was up. 😉 Sweet little guy. He wasn’t allowed to come, though.



14 thoughts on “Healing wibes for Fenris, please?

  1. We are sending loads of healing goober smooches to Fenris. I hope they find out what the real problem is so he can stay pain-free!I’ve got to say, for a hooman pup, that little Leah is stinkin’ cute! Your photo session with her and the pups looks like it went well. We hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation.Where’s Bajas during your trip?Goober love,Stanley

  2. Poor little, Fenris. We are purring for you to feel better very soon! Mom use to have Pekes, also low and long pups. It is not uncommon for them to have back pain because of how they are built. Sometimes they just jump wrong, or someone picks them up so their paws just dangle down while their back is arched up high.

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