Since I brought the SLR Lene asked me if we could try to take some pictures for their Christmas card. Fenris was very impressed with these… LOL!
He’d rather be back on the couch, thankyouverymuch!
Fenris and Morris… uhm.. This isn’t working too well…
Leah was all dressed up, and would occationally sit still a few seconds.

We ended up with a lot of cute ones, though, including this one. So Lene will be making her cards today! And I will be heading home in a few hours..


11 thoughts on “Auntie-razzi…

  1. OMD!The last pikh has me smiling!Please pass along my thanks fur the khompliment on my FT!Mom thought of woo this am whilst driving to work when she heard this story on NPR,Khyra

  2. That last photo is gorgeous! They look so happy to be together:)Mum worked for a company that had a real tree one year. She was happy that she sat close to it, because of the beautiful smell. Enjoy your real tree!:)

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