Vacation! :D

So my exam is over and I’ve travelled to visit my friend Lene, everyones favourite puppy human and two cool MinPins. (Oh.. Sorry Fenris – you’re my very, very favourithe Nephew of course and Morris really isn’t cool. My bad.) It’s almost 1 AM here in Trondheim and I’ve made up my bed on the couch and Fenris has already started warming it up for me.

Fenris – aka Frizz – is a real big manly MinPin and Aunties favourite little boy.

Lene and I used to share a flat – so I’ve known him since we picked up this little guy in Sweden!

I’ll be travelling lots the next couple of weeks so I’ll be a bit off and on from now on – and so will the boys! But hopefully we’ll be able to stay fairly updated!


15 thoughts on “Vacation! :D

  1. Hi Ane!Congrats on getting your exams finished and hope you enjoy your holidays! Looks like you are already. :)Love Clover and Mom

  2. Dear Ane, Howie wonders if he could have a minpin for Christmas, since they are small and seem relatively portable. He also wonders if you could mail him some of that ice cream.Annie sends smoochies to Bajas…hugs!

  3. I’m so glad you awe done and can now enjoy a much eawned vacation wif all the pups! I love youw chwissmuss headew..have a wondewful time!love and smoochie kissesASTA

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