Thank you everyone for your comments on the last couple of pictures! We’ve been up by the lake this weekend and unable to read or comment but hopefully I’ll be catching up tomorrow.. or.. My Am.Culture exam is on Tuesday so hopefully I’ll wait until after that.. LOL!

There are some people coming here sometime in the next week to put up thermostate. Since I don’t know what day they’re coming and since I’ll be in Trondheim from Tuesday (travelling right after my exam) to Thursday Bajas is with P.A. and Virus is still up by the lake (supervised by P.A.’s parents) until Bajas and P.A. go up there Tursday and I’ll follow them sometime on Friday.

So to the truth part – I loved the silvery saturday pic – but the unimpressed impression is actually not quite representing the truth.

He was actually asleep under there – and getting rather boring so I attempted to wake him up to see if I’d get any good shots.. And I think I got a great one! πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “Truth

  1. that is such a cute photo! bajas is so patient and virus so cute snoozing away. i just love virus’s coloring as he grows, he is a beautiful little kitty…is that him in the new header photo? or is that a different kitty?good luck with your test!hugs,puglette:o)

  2. That saturday pic is FANTASTIC sorry I missed it, my Daddy was on the computer all this weekend! Good luck on your test.Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

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