Virus Vednesday – Pretty kitty

Me, obviously!
Mom tried to take some pictures of us with this thing.. what’s with the hat??
She kept waving a feather around and in an unfocused moment she might have gotten a little kitty claw into the skin under her eye when I went for it. But that’s not MY fault. You gotta pay attention.

I focused very much on the feather.. And Mom kept her eye on me the rest of the time.
I seez the feather!

You’ll get to see all the not-so-great holiday pix another time!
Mom did okay but not great on her exam and we are keeping our paws crossed she get a good grade. One more exam and then Christmas. I have no idea what that is, but apparently they’re all looking forwards to it!


13 thoughts on “Virus Vednesday – Pretty kitty

  1. Ooooo so cute the 4th photo!!! Oh exams! I remember when the human with the compter had exams… bleah… Good luck to your Mommy at her exam!!!Huuugs!

  2. Virus, you are a very cute young kitty boy! We are still thinking good thoughts for mom to get good grades. And please make sure mom takes care of that kitty scratch!Say hi to Bajas for us!Hugs,puglette:o)

  3. There isn’t any pix you would look bad in virus! I sure hope you Mom’s eye is ok…and tell her to hang in there on her last exam!Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. You’re simply lovely, Virus. We are excited for you, coming up to your first Christmas! We bet you will have lots of fun.We have our fingers crossed for your mum:)

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