Snoring Saturday

Mom is being real boring lately… Apparently it’s some important thing coming up this Monday. She’s throwing useless drawings like these all over the place…

At least Mom told us that we should be happy we’re Mammals as that’s why we’ve got furs. And if we could be mommies we could have made milk. Apparently hoomans are Mammals too – but I think Mom should go complain, then, as her furs are not very good at all.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend – enjoying your mammalian furs – and we’ll just stay asleep and hope Mom will return to normal soon.


10 thoughts on “Snoring Saturday

  1. Good luck to your mum for Monday. We are sure she will do excellent. It is very confusing to us! We think your mum is very clever for just being able to say those words!:)

  2. Heh heh heh. Mom’s get like that at times. I think it’s best to just let them get over it by themselves. As far as the fur goes, I’ll take being under the blankets with mom.Roxy

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