Sad News

Yesterday sweet, sweet fosterkittens at Forever Foster was put to sleep due to illness. We’re feeling so sorry for Fui and Suey and their family. We have so much respect for those of you out there taking the time and heart ache (and fun and joy and work) it is to foster -but this must be so hard! We tank you for giving these sweeties a good life and lots of love.

We’d like to tell a sweet theory one fellow Whippet World member told us. When those poor, unloved, abused dogs and cats that unfortunately still live in this world die they’re not allowed into Heaven right away. They’re sent back to a loving home like that of Fui and Suey to experience true love and happiness for a few days or weeks before returning to Heaven. It sure makes me feel better thinking of it that way.

Rest in peace little ones!

Ane, Bajas & Virus
PS: I’ve stolen your picture! If you don’t want it posted here PLEASE let me know and I’ll remove it right away.

7 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. That is very sad! I'm thankful for foster homes to give love to animals in need! Happy Thanksgiving!Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. My heart hurt when I heard about the sweet little fosters. But I am glad that they knew love and kindness during their short lives.

  3. Ana, Virus and Bajas,Thankyou very much for your rememberance of our babies. The theory you put forward is very sweet. We think that it a much nicer way to think of it. We know that one day we will see them again, and then they will never be alone again.Again, thankyou for this lovely post.Love from Fui, Suey and Lissa.(P.S. We are happy for you to use our picture. It made mum smile to see their beautiful faces peering back at her).

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