MomDay Cooking – Caramel Candy!

Okay.. So this isn’t anything like dinner.. LOL! I brag about making the best chocolaty caramel candy. They’re soft, chewy and soooo good. I gave out the reciepe at this forum I’m at the other day.. And ended up just having to make some for myself. I usually make these for Christmas.

You need:
100g/3,5 ounces butter
130g/5 ounces golden syrup
170g/6 ounces cream (or condenced milk)
170g/6 ounces marsmallows
3,5 ounces 70% chocolate (or another good, dark chocolate if you prefer but a high content of cocoa is best)

Oh my… all that sugar and fat in one picture. LOL!

Put all ingredients except chocolate into a big, wite pot and bring to the boil. Then keep at a simmer for aprox. 35-45 minutes until it’s nice and thick and golden brown. It’s really important to keep the temperature as low as possible, if they’re boiled at a high heat they will become hard instead of soft. Test if it’s done by dropping a little of the mixture into a cup of cold water. If you can shape it into a ball, it’s done.

Then stir in the chocolate (broken into pieces) and pour it onto a small tray or similar to cool off.When cool it’s nice and soft – as you can see – and the easiest way (in my opinion) is using a clean pair of scissors and just cut it into pieces.

The easy way is to use some sandwich paper/waxy paper to wrap them in – the pretty one for gifts is cellophane.

A few years back a friend and I made almost 2,5kgs to give away as Christmas gifts… (Never again.. LOL.. that took forever!) Wrapped in red cellophane and put in transparent cellophane bags with handmade tags it all turned out rather pretty, though.

Thank you everyone for sending purrs and thoughts to my little kitty. He’s seemed a little better yesterday, but still had quite a bit of yellow gooey stuff in his eyes this morning. He’s happy and playing and eating and that’s the most important thing!


16 thoughts on “MomDay Cooking – Caramel Candy!

  1. That recipe is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Mommy is thinking about doing that for Christmas!(Also Mommy says big thanks for converting the recipe!)Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Our mom is drooling! She wishes she could reach through the puter screen and help herself!We’re so glad that Virus is feeling a bit better!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  3. Glad to know Virus is doing better.Those candies sure sounds like a good idea for presents!They look delicious!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  4. That candy looks so yummy! We should get Mama to make some, but we know she won't let us eat any of it, bummer. Good to hear that Virus is getting a bit better. I Ruby found out at the vet today that those darn ear mites I had when Mama adopted me gave me a yeast/bacteria secondary infection in my ears. Mites are gone, but left this behind. So I have to have drops put into my ears & I sure don't like that very well. Give Virus some meowwy hugs from us ok??Purrs & Licks, & Wirey Hugs,Ruby, Sylvester, Butchy & Snickers

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