Weekend of Waiting – part 3

Sunday was the last day of the show. This judge was nice, too, but said I looked a bit too sweet. But Mom said I’m still a kitten, so I shouldn’t be ashamed.

Before leaving we said goodbye with Ellie in case we wouldn’t see her anymore!

I ran a few extra laps around our room to get rid of excess energy before another day of waiting.

This is Alexia, another one of Auntie Guro’s cats – both of them are British Shorthairs! She’s got one more British Shorthair – and two Chinese Cresteds at home (one naked and one powder puff).

After the show ended sweet Lena of (N) Pontifex Devon Rex cattery (http://www.pontifexrex.org/indexeng.html) dropped us off at the train station. Where we waited at Burger King and posted the first post about our adventures.
Then we got on the train! Mom took me out of my carrier and put me in her lap under her blanket.
Then a lady with two NOISY Siamese cats arrived.. I wasn’t impressed, as I’m sure you can see. Perhaps the judge-lady wouldn’t have found me too sweet if she’d seen me then. Anyway.. I was such a good boy all the way home. It’s an 7,5 hour train ride, and I slept all the way – Mom did too! We only woke up every hour or so to switch to a more comfy (or just different) position in the seat. Lucky for us we had two seats to ourselves, so we had a little space!

Bajas is returning tonight, and he’ll post his pictures tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Weekend of Waiting – part 3

  1. Well, I khan't be sure I wouldn't khall woo evil even if woo were here!I spent time out this am barking and pulling at something taunting me in the yard!Since it was dark, I don't know which one to blame but….Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  2. HI Virus,You are a really good kitty, so patient on that train ride and away on your trip. I think you are a very handsome mancat. You have such a beautiful color furs and your eyes really stand out.Hugs to you and your family,Puglette:o)

  3. Hi, Virus!You had a very interesting weekend!You look not so happy in that picture!I hope everyone is at home now!Kisses and hugsLorenza

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