Weekend of Waiting- part 2

Okay. Here are some more pictures from this weekend. Mom and I went to a CAT SHOW. I’m sure a lot of our doggie friends would have liked a trip through there.. MOL!

This is “autntie” Tilly on the table with judge-lady Donatella. I met with Donatella on Saturday. She said I was a pretty good looking little boy, I was Ex1 but for best of variety both me and my sissy were beaten by our mom. Oh well.. Just wait untill we’re all grown up, purrhaps we’ll be able to beat her.
One More of Tilly. Mom think she’s a cutie – but I still remember she always slapped me when I was a little kitten.
This is my MOM. Justa. Can you see the resemblance? Allthough they all say my sister Rapunzel is soo much like her and I’m more like our dad.

One more of Justa.
This is my sissy, Rapunzel. You can see she’s got a bit more furs than me and looks darker.
Cute, huh?
But, obviously, not as cute as me!
So this is the crate where I spent most of my days while at the show. I got my carrier in there to hide away and sleep and a little toilet and food and some toys.
Here’s one auntie Guro took of me and my mom!

And she took this one, too, of me being little parrot boy on Mom’s shoulder. We stole these pictures. Mwahahaha…


12 thoughts on “Weekend of Waiting- part 2

  1. Virus, I didn’t know you were, like, cat royalty or something. I can’t believe all your famous relatives and look at yourself all handsome and flashy at the show. Good job!Slobbers,Mango

  2. I DO see the family resemblance! But then again, all felines look alike to me…Oops! Was that speciesist?What I meant was, all felines look equally cute, intelligent, and lovable. 🙂

  3. OMD…I would have had some much fun with you Virus. You sure do have a neat family…you sissy is very pretty, but you are the cuterest!!!Lots of Licks, Ruby

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