Happy Voting!

Today is voting day (finally…) in the US and we just wanted to wish our American friends happy voting! As a fun fact – in Norway you cannot buy alchohol on the day we vote! I wonder if they fear we’ll all get drunk and vote for the wrong party… Mom was just told by her American Culture -professor that staying up tonight to follow the election is obligatory… BOL.. She’ll have to drink lots of coffee to manage that.. (If she’ll even attempt it) But we’ll do our very best to keep her company!

Best of luck to you all, whoever you’re supporting! We’re sure hoping for some change!


Pee Ess: Make sure your hooman vote for the one giving the most treats! That’s all that matters.


10 thoughts on “Happy Voting!

  1. Virus! That last picture of you! OMC, how cute:) We hope all our American have a peaceful, smooth election day.We are jealous of the awesome sweater your mum made. It is very cool:)

  2. Bajas – you should tell your mom to check out some of the Chicago media websites. Obama’s big rally should be getting a lot of attention (probably good and bad, knowing my city 🙂 )She can email me through blogger if she needs some links.nancy

  3. Hi! I vote for snuggling up with your loved ones, after you vote in the USA of course.I am not sure you will be able to stay awake with snuggly little Bajas and Virus by your side.HugsPuglette:o)

  4. Hmmm, what’s the time difference between California and you? Mom knows it is 6 hours from the East coast to France, so make that 9 to California. How many hours are you off from Paris. Would that be like eleven hours? Good luck staying awake.Roxy

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