Creative Thursday…

Okay… First things first – Mom is pretty much finished and is just waiting for Auntie Anna to read through it for her before handing it in. She’s been doing pretty much anything else while she was supposed to write, though.. She startet trying to crochet – but then got a bit tired of it and wanted to do something different…

I can’t believe she made me model the hat!

I’m so not impressed…
But if you like that sort of thing I’m pretty cute, huh? It’s going to be a birthday present for Grandpa, but please don’t tell him!! (And the flash make it look baby blue, but it’s actually quite a bit darker. Mom is still concerned it turned out a bit too sweet for grandpa, though..)

PS: I’ll come visit you all soon… Mom didn’t let me use the computer while she was writing.. Bah..

19 thoughts on “Creative Thursday…

  1. Bajas, you always look so handsome, no matter what silly thing mom makes you wear. Does Virus have to model too?Hugs,Puglette:o)Ane, your hat is very nice, your dad will be so happy.:o)

  2. Oh Bajas – that hat looks pawesome on you! But I am sure your grandpa will love it, so enjoy it now. šŸ™‚ Your mom is talented!Love Clover xo

  3. Has your mom finished the paper? I did sent good vibes to her.I hope you’ll get hourly treats for your next modeling job, your mom has great knitting skill.You have snow at your place already? Wow!Please come to my blog to share my double dating story.Cheers!

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