Awoooohooo! Mom just told me that we’re getting visitators today! I love visitators. I’d even forgive Mom for the ugly-picture-taking-camera phone for a while for getting visitators! Mom tend to hang out with Auntie and Grandpa on a fairly regular basis, but they usually go away for movies and dinner and stuff.. But now they’re going to come play with me! Yay!

This is Auntie with me when I was just a tiny poopie.. Now she is apparently incubating one of them puppy humans herself! Her tummy is looking all freaky…

And this is Grandpa. He’s fun, too, but in a more “The reason you have four paws is actually to keep them on the ground” sort of way.. (Bah.. Humbug! Visitators are supposed to think it’s perfectly allright for me to walk all over them and kissybitey their noses..)

Perhaps we’ll get around to taking some pictures to show you all later.. We live in the tinies apartment as you might remember, so entertaining is an extremely social business! (I like social!)

Kisses all around,

11 thoughts on “Visitators!

  1. Hi, Bajas!I am sure you are going to enjoy your Aunti and Grandpa’s visit!Take lots of pictures and show them to us, ok?Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. Bajas, it looks like you are getting your granpa all trained about the importance of paws being offa the ground! how cute you were as an itty bitty puggy baby. No wonder you are so handsome now.xxxooAnnie and family

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