Virus Vednesday

Okay, so in our household the bestest spot to be is between Mom and the computer. It tend to have its own seat on the couch so Mom can do her multitasking during boring commercial breaks.. Se how brudder has squeezed his pretty big body down there?
Muahaha… He had to get a drink! It’s mine, mine, MINE!

Kitten tummy.. Mom made me put this in!What are you laughing at??? Huh??


16 thoughts on “Virus Vednesday

  1. Virus, don’t let anyone make fun of your belly, it is nice and round and looks perfectly normal, no matter what any pugs in your house might say about it.with support,Howard Pee Pugpants

  2. Virus, you don’t look very happy to have your picture taken. But you are very cute! For such a tiny kitten, you have big paws!Hugs to you and your family,Puglette:o)

  3. Virus…your belly looks so soft…is it soft??? and how did Bajas deal with you stealing his spot??? And your feeties…I love your feeties!!!Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. VirusI must say, I’m glad youw Mom put that tummy pictoowe in, cause it looks soo sweet..I would like to give you kisses on itsmoochie kissesASTA

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