I’m too sexy..

Now how’s THAT for a good Tuesday? I thought so.. I’m approaching my most handsome in this picture, huh?

Oh.. and here’s a furs-update on the little terrorist! Now isn’t he getting curlier by the minute (or at least by the week or sumthing!)?!


14 thoughts on “I’m too sexy..

  1. Very nice pose, with your little leggie ever so casually draped on the counch. Like something out of GQ maybe. Funny about little terrorist brothers. My squirt brother’s fur is getting all curly and wavy too. Watch out!Slobbers,Mango

  2. Hi, Bajas!OMD! You sure are handsome! The picture is part of a photo sesion or it came naturally??Virus has funny fur!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. BajasYou awe HOT!!!!!and Viwus is going to have haiw like me aftew a baf(only lots softew) he’s lovelysmoochie kissesASTA

  4. Bajas – you ARE very very handsome. And I love Virus’ curly fur!!Thanks for offering some advice to us yesterday. We really appreciate it! :)Love Clover xo

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