When I was a tiny puppy one of my favourite toys were pacifiers. This weekend Mom bought a couple thinking either Virus or I would find some entertainment in them.. Here’s what happened..

Mom tried to take pictures, but let’s say I was a bit excited and it was perhaps a bit hard…

Then she got this one and laughed pretty hard! I don’t look silly, now do I???
She took this video, too. Hope it’s not too dark for you to see. At least you can see me on our computer!



9 thoughts on “Pacified?

  1. BajasYou don’t look silly at all..sometimes old favowites awe the best!!!!..I’m so glad you had fun wif youw pacifiewsmoochie kissesASTA

  2. That looks like a fun toy to play with! Did you get our e-card? We got your package and we LOVE everything. Thank you so, so much!

  3. Hi Bajas,First of all, Happy FIRST Birthday Baby Leah, how special and how cute she is.No Bajas, you don’t look silly at all, what makes you think that?The Video kind of dark but I knew you were in there, hehe.Can I add your blog into my blogroll? You can add mine if you wanted to.Cheers!

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