Happy FIRST Birthday Leah!

Our favourite puppy human turned ONE today! Happy Birthday Leah!

Kisses from Proud Uncle Bajas (And Virus. And Mom.)

Pee Ess: I hope you’re all doing well! I’ll be back reading, commenting and posting as soon as Mom is feeling better. She’s got no energy left to take pictures or help me with the computer.

9 thoughts on “Happy FIRST Birthday Leah!

  1. What's wrong with your Mommy Bajas? I hope she gets better soon! What a very pretty pookie bookie(that's what I call humans!)!Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Happy First Birfday Bootiful Leah!!!!May you have a joyous , healthy loooooong lifeI hope youw Mom will be bettew soonsmoochie kissesASTA

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