Up and Down.

There are many ways to sleep. Virus and I have found several ways that are comfy.
…sometimes I am the mattress and Virus is the doona.
Sometimes I use Virus as a cushion…
… and sometimes we relax side by side while keeping an eye on all our friends in Blog-land!



12 thoughts on “Up and Down.

  1. Hey, Baja! does that kitty make a nice cushion? I always wanted a kitty but mom said NO HOWEE. NO NO NO. She is very mean to me. Do you have room for one more puggee? *Howie packs napsack*your pal,Howard Pee

  2. Bajas, how do you do it? I freak out if pee-wee is even close to my bed, let alone actually cuddling. You guys must have some super mind meld.Plus you are color coorinated, so you do look good together.Slobbers,Mango

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