Vet visit!

Hi guys!

We’re back home from the Vet’s! Virus did really well! First he got to take a ride in his new crate.Can you see him in there? 😀

I took him for a little walk outside the Vet’s first!

We had to wait a little while, but he was real tough and just sat in Mom’s lap most of the time while I jumped up and down with excitement. We met a 4month old long haired Vorsteh puppy and a Kooiker and some longhaired cat.. and a black/silver Miniature Schnauzer and an Airedale! Pretty good value for money in my opinion!

Virus got his check-up first and bled a little from where the needle punctured his skin when getting his vaccine, but he didn’t make a noise. Then he got to cuddle with the vet tech while I got to be ON THE TABLE! Wohoo! I just love the vet! I got LOTS of treats and cuddles and then we went back home. Virus is asleep tired from all the new impressions and I’m a bit tired myself after all the excitement!


9 thoughts on “Vet visit!

  1. That's good that you had a good time at the vet! Virus looks so handsome in his harness!Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. I like Virus’s sporty harness. The vet can be a cool place if you get lots of love. Seems like Virus has established a good relationship.Slobbers,Mango

  3. Wow! That’s cool you like the vets– I don’t. They poke me and stick stuff up my rear. No likey.Yay for Virus getting all shottified!

  4. You are one of a couple of doggies I know that like the vet, NOT ME. I hate that stinky old vet and I have to go TOMORROW. Glad Virus did ok, he is cute in his little harness.

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