More car trouble.. sigh..

So.. Mom was supposed to be picking up the car tomorrow! Even though the whole car-doctor stuff was annoying at least it was fairly cheap (about 210$) and eventual buyers would know it had a brand new and functioning battery.

…BUT… They just called and told her that they’d had a break-in and vandalism and several cars, Mom’s included had various amounts of vandalism done to them by some @#%&¤ idiots.. Luckily they’ve just broken a window to steal the cd player. They didn’t know wether their insurance covered stuff like this.. So please keep paws crossed (again..) that we won’t have to pay for a new one..

Upset snorts,

3 thoughts on “More car trouble.. sigh..

  1. Hi, Bajas!Looks like my mom is not the only one with bad luck!I hope the insurance covers the damage.Paws crossed.Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. Oh dear. Some people are just plain mean and stupid. We hope somebody poops on their pillow. We hope the insurance takes care of this for you.Roxy & Lucky

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