Happy Sunday!

Yay! First of all Mom is home from work – but the second good thing today is that we sold the car today! Or.. The deal was they were coming to pick it up today, and Mom didn’t want to relax until she actually had the money (and was rid of the car). We’re gonna miss the car, though, we’ve had some good trips there!

Now look at the little guy – can you see he’s getting curlier? And a bit darker, too!
Mom seems to be getting more and more fond of the tiny things.. Sigh.. She’s bought a tiny computer to take with her to school! It’s just a 8,9″ screen and it’s excactly half the size of our regular one.

See her big hand on that tiny thingy..
The regular one, for comparison.. (And our big one is 14,1″ and so smaller than your average laptops).

I suggested to mom I should do my blogging from the tiny one as I’m so much smaller than her, but she said it was for school work only.. used instead of taking notes by hand!



Silly Saturday

Mom is working this weekend, so we have to provide most of the entertainment ourselves! I made Virus make a little show for me…
Silly little creature got plenty of fun out of a piece of paper!
Then we got some sleep.. Mom is keeping us up all night with her stupid cough.. And I can tell you I really need my beauty sleep, and lots of it, to keep up this cute face!

And Puddleglum gave me an award! Thanks! We totally agree – we love comments too!

I’d like to pass it on to Roxy and Mango! Yay!


Virus’ first trip!

So Mom did tell the truth! Friday after school she came home and put Virus in his carrier… … and then we got on the bus and then the train with PA and we went up to the lake!
Virus got to do some exploring in the yard.. It was all a bit huge and scary, but he was pretty tough!
Isn’t that little butt of his hillarious?
We took a picture-update of his curliness, too! I hope you’ve all had great weekends! I’ll be around getting up to date with what you’ve been up to very soon!


The tiny crate

Here are a few pictures from when Virus was getting to know his new crate! The irony is Mom finally got around to picking up the carrier she will actually be using most of the time..
…so he’ll have to go get used to another mobile home! Hah.. I’m sure there’ll be pictures of that soon, too.. Hah.. He’s so tiny he was in Mom’s bag on the train last night!



I’m feeling a whole lot better today! Mom made me sleep with CARDBOARD in my crate.. Can you imagine? That’s like not soft at all.. I tried to tell her it wasn’t good enough, but the stubborn human wouldn’t listen. But if she hasn’t started lying to me, too (and I wouldn’t be too surprised.. with the shocking flaws in her personality that have surfaced lately), there’s a trip coming up!

I hope you all have GRRRREAT weekends!



I’m not really able to post or read and comment today, but I hope you’re all doing better than me! I must have eaten something or got some bug, because I’ve spent the day running in and out with Mom with severe diarrhea.. (And unfortunately for both of us Mom HAD to go to school for a couple of hours today for an obligatory assignment and let’s say what she came home to was not very pretty and I had to get a BATH and Mom got to enjoy some nasty cleaning!)