Ok.. So Mom actually filled the little white bed with sand, and Virus is using it as a toilet! Well.. I just had to test if the bed was any comfier with sand in it.. it’s a bit better, actually..

So now Mom was complaining she had a PUG getting sand all over the house, rather than a cat.. BOL..
Then I did some relaxing on the couch, but she seems to find that amusing, too, just because my position was a bit unique.
The little one was sleeping on the useless climbing thing.. That, on the other hand, was apparently only cute..


11 thoughts on “zzZZz..

  1. I’m back!How did the little one get on top of the useless climbing thing? As you so clearly showed, Baja, the hole in the middle is useless.Curiouser and curiouser…

  2. I’ve never seen that kind of cat before, he’s really cool looking. It looks like the boys are getting along alright…

  3. Hi Bajas!!Unfortunately our computer wouldn’t let us see the pics, but we bet they were cute!We haven’t met Virus yet!! Congrats on him being your new furbling!! He must be having a great time with you!Have a lovely day!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

  4. Hi, Bajas!Oh, Bajas! You are really funny! First tasting the sand bed, then sleeping in that position!Virus looks so sweet sleeping in that picture!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  5. Well, you better go visit our blog, cause there’s some exciting news for you, but Do. NOT. Bring. The. C.A.T. unless it’s for dinner… heh hehheh wags from the whippets

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