Bajas to the rescue!

Last night I was really helpful. Ok.. If you want to get really technical about it it was more of a joint effort on Mom and me, but I see no reason to focus on that. Anyway… If it wasn’t for me Mom wouldn’t be out walking at the right time! So.. This is what happened;

We’ve been out for my night time walkie and were aproaching our house when a guy called out in English from a cab that pulled up next to us. Turns out that he was French and had just arrived in Norway to study here as an exchange student. His flight from Paris to London had been delayed and so he’d arrived in Oslo later than planned. By the time he arrived at the Central Station the person who should be there to meet him had given up and left and he was stuck in Oslo a Saturday night with no idea what apartment he was to stay in, and he didn’t have any keys anyway so that wouldn’t really have helped much.

So Mom took me home and got her phone and started calling around, but in the end she had to take him up to our apt. so they could use the Internet searching for a person to contact and a phone number. After calling the president of the student exchange organisation(!) they eventually got hold of the right person (we’d called her first, but she didn’t pick up but the president guy called her and then she picked up). So for an hour or so we entertained the french guy. His name was Axel and apart from insisting I was a French Bulldog he was a nice guy. Mom showed him pictures of the difference, though. So he even learned something!

Now he’s been picked up and hopefully he’s settling in perfectly. So what did I do, really? Most of the time I was licking the floor, but just admit it! I was the most helpfullest! No doubt about it. If I hadn’t needed that pee at the right time.. Maybe mr.French Guy would still be out there!

Helpful kisses, Bajas! :*

Oh… I almost forgot.. I’ve got a few more clues for you! First of all it’s not a pug. Actually it’s not a dog at all, but it’s a purebred something. Here’s another picture:

Oh.. One more thing! We’re going to choose the first one that post the correct guess AND only the correct guess (so you can’t make more than one guess at a time).


10 thoughts on “Bajas to the rescue!

  1. You are a hero, saving that french guy. Hope he sends you something good to thank you.Slobbers,MangoP.S. Is that a cat?

  2. Okay your getting a new purebreed kitty brother and he is a Sphynx breed! Yea! I'm sure that french guy is very thankful!Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. Hi, Bajas!Good boy! That man sure is lucky!Your timming was perfect!Ok. Ok. You are going to have a cat brother. Breed? I have no idea!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  4. Wow, you were VERY helpful! and isn’t it fun to make new friends from different parts of the world. Howie wonders if the French guy gave you any french fries as a reward for being the most helpful?xxooo

  5. I think you will have a sphinx cat for a new playmate! That would indeed be a clever mom, a shedding doggy and a hairless cat! Hahaha!!You and your mom are very nice to be such good samaritans. Hugs from Washington! Charlie and Ollie’s mom

  6. Hi Bajas! Congrats on helping out someone in need! And about your new brother, I think Eduardo got it right, but I will make my official guess: a Bombay cat?Love Clover xo

  7. AAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!! It’s a horrid wrinkly C.A.T. ACCKK rrrssssaaaohhhhwruffff growel RAWR RUFF WRRRRRRRWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOAAARGH!! C.A.T. ALLLAAAAAARRRRRMMMMMMattacks from the overwraught whippets

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