New addition

Remember that Mom had been up to something while I was away for a week? Well.. When we last wrote about it, it was something uncertain, but now it’s not anymore. At the end of the month there will be a new addition around here. Exciting, huh?

I thought I’d try to make you all work for what it is, though! Maybe a new, supersoft bed? A dog? A parrot? Any guess will do, and we’ll give a little prize to the first one who guess what it is! It’s got to be a bit spesific, though! So you’ll get a couple of clues every day or so to help you!

Here’s the first two clues!
– it’s black(ish)
– it’s pretty new


11 thoughts on “New addition

  1. Oooh!! How exciting!!!We also think it’s a puppy! (We don’t mind if someone else gets the prize, we’re pretty sure it’s a puppy!! :D)Can’t wait to find out if it really is what we guessed it was!!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

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