When I met Daisy’s Snail?

It started raining yesterday. The heat vanished and was replaced with water, and plenty of it! When Mom and I went for our walk I made a discovery!

We tried to show that the flower was wet.. It didn’t work too well, but it looks rather cool.
Anyway… This is my discovery – a snail. I think it could be Daisy’s Snail, so I tried to ask him!
Hello? Mr Snail? Can you hear me?

Hellooooooo?But he just hid in his little house and wouldn’t talk to me.. Sigh..
So I went on with my walk.. Maybe I can make the Snail talk to me later..?!


8 thoughts on “When I met Daisy’s Snail?

  1. That's so cute! That snail said he doesn't want to talk! I grabbed a cricket the other day & threw him/her, then chased him/her & did it all over again!Hugs & SnugsEduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Hey, how did Snail get all the way over there!? I hope he has a nice visit with you, but he needs to get back by next Sunday for his comic strip!

  3. Aww.. Bajas, you look so cute trying to talk to that snail. We’ve also tried starting a conversation with several different snails, but they’re shy little creatures. So we just leave them alone.Have a great day!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

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