Towards the university….

As you might remember my mom is going back to school this fall. She and auntie Anna are planning on walking to and from school and they’re actually going to test-walk the route on Sunday. Mom, however, being mom couldn’t stop herself from testing it once she made a map. So the other day Mom and I walked over to see if Mom’s route would work!

Mom took a few pictures along the way.. This neighbourhood looked so non-Norwegian! Hardly any wooden houses.
All pictures are taken with Mom’s phone, so the quality isn’t all that.
We used just under an hour getting to the campus. But with me stopping for pee-mails and stuff it takes closer to 45minutes one way. I was really hot when we arrived.
It was cooler underneath the bench! We rested here for a while.
I was really thirsty so we shared a bottle of water. Mom just use one of the baggies for poop as a waterbowl when we’re on a walk! Maybe it looks a bit funny, but it really works well.
*Yawn* I’m really tired. Are you sure you don’t want to just go ahead without me?

In the end mom plopped me into the fountain to cool off a bit. Then we used almost excactly 45minutes going back.
Mom put a moist towel over my back to cool off once home. This picture turned out pretty funny, huh?
I hope you all have a cool weekend! The weather-people have promised me cooler weather and a bit of rain. I won’t complain. Much. I’m not too keen on the rain part.



7 thoughts on “Towards the university….

  1. That looks like a super long walk for your short legs. Maybe next time your mom can bring a back pack and give you a ride home.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Hi, Bajas!45 minutes to get to the school?? Wow! At least she has a good view going there!Good idea about your “water bowl”!Yesterday we had a big storm here. It lasted only 10 minutes but left us without power all night!Have a great weekend!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  3. Hi Bajas! Your mom’s gonna walk all that everyday TWICE a day?! We love to walk (don’t get us wrong), but that would really tire us out! But it’s good exercise, so we guess that’s good!We’re glad the weather will be cooling down over there so you don’t feel too warm.Have a great day!Wags and licks,Maya and Kena

  4. That is neat about your mom going back to school. What a pretty walk, though not if it was real hot. We have had humid and hot and then thunderstorms. As long as I am inside during the storms, I don’t care.Roxy

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