Hamar – part 1

I’ve just startet catching up on blogs, mom is away at work today so I should be able to use the computer all by myself. Got a nice walk today (it’s HOT.. *panting*..) and can you believe the amounts of pee-mail?? There’s not too much fun to tell about my vacation, really.. There was plenty of relaxation and reading. Above you can see me doing the backup part while PA reads. I’m the bestest helper.
This is the view from our door.. pretty close to the water, huh.. Even if the picture isn’t too good.
There was gray the first couple of days, but then the sun arrived!
This is PA’s boat! I got to spend quite a few hours on the water this summer!
Of course I was dressed for the occation! We also got to go plenty of midnight walkies. PA likes to walk at night when it’s dark(ish) and cooler – and I like the cool weather too. Towards the end of our vacation it was crazy hot for a poor little pug! This weekend was the hottest weekend this year.. But the temperature is supposed to drop a little tomorrow, so keep your paws crossed!


5 thoughts on “Hamar – part 1

  1. Hi, Bajas!You had plenty of water on your vacation!Midnight walkies sound great!Here we had 112 degrees today!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. We are glad you had fun on your vaca! It has been hot, humid and lots of thunderstorms here! Mom wishes it would dry out!Waht a beautiful area you were in.Roxy

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