All alone!

So we went up to the lake… and we’ve been out with PA’s new boat once and relaxed and taken nice midnight walkies. But then.. today… Mom.. Mom… LEFT me! Can you believe it? Rumours have it that’s she’s left and is visiting my auntie, the puppy human and my buddys Fenris and Morris.

Oh well… I’m sure PA and I will have a much better time than her anyways! Hope you all have a good time, too!


11 thoughts on “All alone!

  1. Well, dads are nice, but I always prefer to spend time with my Mommie the most. I think you will still have lots of fun!

  2. Oh My! I would cry if my Mommy left me with MY DADDY! Ugg I couldn't imagine the horror! J.K. I love my Daddy & I'm sure your Daddy is pawsome!Hugs & Snugs,Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. Woof, BajasReally cool vest, it looks like you’re having fun.Desert Pups here roaming the neighborhood and meeting everyone cause we’re new in town.Woof, woof,Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence.

  4. OK, Mom left you, but think of it this way, now you get quality time with Pa. And you know that man persons are MUCH more likely to give you extra cookies and what not.Slobbers,MangoP.S. I am a bit confused about this No Way place you live. My Grandpa used to go there for work, but I’m not sure where it is, or WHAT it is, so I really like seeing your photos of the landscape.

  5. OUr servant said it sure was nice in your part of the world Bajas! She said that picture was probably like at 9 at night because it’s light there all night.wags from the whippets

  6. Mummys disappear like that sometimes. Mine comes back and says, I’m never leaving you again, then off she pops.Simba x

  7. Bajas,Your Mommy will be home before you know it. In the mean time, enjoy your time with your Pa and milk him for all he is worth in treats!Hugs,CoCo

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