We will vacation – part 2

So – time for the second part of the pictures! Mom took like 300 pictures, so ble glad these are the last you’ll be forced to watch!

Out on the islands there are small mini-marshes like this one. You see the entire thing in this picture.I also found some rainwater to drink! I hope noone are offended by my (very cute) butt!
See me? I’m a mountain goat!!
Remember I said I’m not afraid of getting into the boat no more? I ran into here all by myself, the humans are so slow..
I also helped mom with her sunbathing and swimming!
This is our view from the deck.. Can’t complain, huh?
This is from the old German base from WW2. Now it’s a nice place for a walk and exploring the old tunnels etcetera..

Into these tunnels.. for storage maybe? They probably were never finished, many were not and this one was rather short!PA do as much exploring as I do! This building was where the soldiers got their food and stuff.

Sometimes Mom said I scared her half to death going all over the place.. That’s what you get for letting me off leash, Lady!
They had some big mean gun or something in the hole right in front of me.. See the opening for the tunnel behind me? You’ll see a picture from in there later!
Whatcha doing down there, Mom??

PA in the tunnel connecting the shooting-places! The view towards the town of Kirkehamn. I did concider taking a stroll down there myself, but then mom turned around and I didn’t want her going back all alone.

From the town of Rasvåg just like 100meters from our cottage (the water you see is the narrow channel between the main island Hidra and Vakseberget where we stay). The classic colours are white houses and red boat houses. In the old days white paint was expencive and red was cheap.
Some houses still have white walls towards the sea and red at the back – as a way to remember this and how some people didn’t aford to paint their entire house white!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, too!


6 thoughts on “We will vacation – part 2

  1. good morning bajas!thank yo so much for visiting our blog. you made our day. your vacation was amazing! you are a brave puggy going in the boat and exploring with your mom and pa. we love seeing all of you photos!melissa

  2. It looks so beautiful there! And look at you on those big rocks, just like a real mountain goat! I am glad you had fun.

  3. Hi Bajas!Wow, you are one adventurous pug!I super love all of your vacation photos. Thanks again for sharing!Love Clover xo

  4. Oh, we have enjoyed these photos sooooo much. You must have had a blast. You must have slept really well. ha ha. I think I would have liked to explore with you.Roxy, Lucky & Mom

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