Hamar – part 3

Here are some pictures from our trip around Helgøya (øy=island øya=the island) – it was the longest trip we took with the boat, about 5hours all in all.

Here’s the mainland on the right and Helgøya on the left, and so we (of course) went in the middle! This church looked so pretty down by the water.
Can you see the viking ship? I’d like one, too! (click to biggify a bit!)
Mom like to sit up front on the boat – and sometimes I get to sit there with her!
..I can crawl up in her lap…
…and go to sleep!

This is the real reason mom like to be up front.. She likes to stick her feet in the water and make the water go all splishy-splashy all over the place! You up there, mommy? When we got back mom wanted to make me swim so she could take pictures of me swimming. She jumped into the water and got her camera ready.

Only one problem… I tried to get back to PA, cause I couldn’t see land since he put me out from the wrong side of the boat… Then I sank like a rock (since my butt went down as I wanted to try to climb..) no swimming photos as mom had to come to the rescue.. Sigh..

Maybe we’ll prove I can swim (when I don’t think about climbing) next summer…


(slightly embarrased)

Hamar – part 2

Snorts and sneezes too you all, hope you’re still having a great summer! I hope I’m not boring you all too much with my summer pictures.. Let me know when you’ve had enough! First I’m going to take you all out in my boat(oh.. PA’s.. but who cares about details?!).

Just a couple of minutes after heading out this is our view. The city of Hamar is the buildings you see starting on the right. PA’s house is a bit further north!
Mom told me it was hard to take my pictures for the blog if I wanted to stay in her lap.

I was like “whaaaat?” (See – she got my face in this shot! Hah!) Entering the Hamar harbour at sunset.

I’m convincing PA to give me the last bit of his ice cream – and he did! Gooood boy!

Then I kept mom company in the back for a while!

Hamar – part 1

I’ve just startet catching up on blogs, mom is away at work today so I should be able to use the computer all by myself. Got a nice walk today (it’s HOT.. *panting*..) and can you believe the amounts of pee-mail?? There’s not too much fun to tell about my vacation, really.. There was plenty of relaxation and reading. Above you can see me doing the backup part while PA reads. I’m the bestest helper.
This is the view from our door.. pretty close to the water, huh.. Even if the picture isn’t too good.
There was gray the first couple of days, but then the sun arrived!
This is PA’s boat! I got to spend quite a few hours on the water this summer!
Of course I was dressed for the occation! We also got to go plenty of midnight walkies. PA likes to walk at night when it’s dark(ish) and cooler – and I like the cool weather too. Towards the end of our vacation it was crazy hot for a poor little pug! This weekend was the hottest weekend this year.. But the temperature is supposed to drop a little tomorrow, so keep your paws crossed!


Home, sweet home!

We’re home! It’s been a lovely few weeks, but tomorrow mom is going back to work. Well.. For a whole week and then she’ll be a student again! Can you imagine? We’ll be sharing stories and pictures from our trip later, but here’s one of me soaking wet after a bath and one of our views from the boat!
We’ll try to get up to date on blogs in the next few days!


All alone!

So we went up to the lake… and we’ve been out with PA’s new boat once and relaxed and taken nice midnight walkies. But then.. today… Mom.. Mom… LEFT me! Can you believe it? Rumours have it that’s she’s left and is visiting my auntie, the puppy human and my buddys Fenris and Morris.

Oh well… I’m sure PA and I will have a much better time than her anyways! Hope you all have a good time, too!


Off again!

So we’re going offline again. My safety gear is packed, so I assume there’s more boating in my future! Will be back in a while and I’ll miss you guys and your blogs! I’ve tried to go through as many as possible while being back, but haven’t managed all!

I’ll take plenty of pictures, though.. As usual!

Kisses and snorts,

(Still singing “We will vacation”… )

We will vacation – part 2

So – time for the second part of the pictures! Mom took like 300 pictures, so ble glad these are the last you’ll be forced to watch!

Out on the islands there are small mini-marshes like this one. You see the entire thing in this picture.I also found some rainwater to drink! I hope noone are offended by my (very cute) butt!
See me? I’m a mountain goat!!
Remember I said I’m not afraid of getting into the boat no more? I ran into here all by myself, the humans are so slow..
I also helped mom with her sunbathing and swimming!
This is our view from the deck.. Can’t complain, huh?
This is from the old German base from WW2. Now it’s a nice place for a walk and exploring the old tunnels etcetera..

Into these tunnels.. for storage maybe? They probably were never finished, many were not and this one was rather short!PA do as much exploring as I do! This building was where the soldiers got their food and stuff.

Sometimes Mom said I scared her half to death going all over the place.. That’s what you get for letting me off leash, Lady!
They had some big mean gun or something in the hole right in front of me.. See the opening for the tunnel behind me? You’ll see a picture from in there later!
Whatcha doing down there, Mom??

PA in the tunnel connecting the shooting-places! The view towards the town of Kirkehamn. I did concider taking a stroll down there myself, but then mom turned around and I didn’t want her going back all alone.

From the town of Rasvåg just like 100meters from our cottage (the water you see is the narrow channel between the main island Hidra and Vakseberget where we stay). The classic colours are white houses and red boat houses. In the old days white paint was expencive and red was cheap.
Some houses still have white walls towards the sea and red at the back – as a way to remember this and how some people didn’t aford to paint their entire house white!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, too!