I’m baa-aack!

Hi friends!

Have you missed me? I’ve been away showing off what a lovely, lovely pug I am. Snoring all day and sleeping in the laundrybasket.

Mom’s been up to something while I was away, too. There might be exciting things in the future. But it’s not all certain, yet, so we won’t go telling about it before we know for sure! Keep your fingers and paws crossed!

I’m sure the puppy human was pretty envious of my comfy bed! 😉



7 thoughts on “I’m baa-aack!

  1. Hi, Bajas!I will have my paws crossed for you!I know I will not be able to sleep until you give us the news!I hope you tell us soon!did you share the comfy bed with him?Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. BajasI can’t wait to heaw the news!!!Puppy Hooman suwe is cute..and of couwse he’ jelly of that gweat comfy place..I would be toosmoochie kissesASTA

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